bamix® Whisk Blade

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bamix® whisk – the connective element. A whirling little fellow. This attachment is automatically included with every bamix®.

A whirling pleasure

The one and only whisk from bamix® made of stainless cutlery steel produces the most incredible compounds in its key skill, emulsification. Cream, oil, a little vinegar and mustard - and a tasty basic mayonnaise for your fondue chinoise is ready. There are no limits to your imagination for the further refining of this sauce. A true mayonnaise miracle. Even light puddings are guaranteed to succeed. Stirred batters for omelettes, pancakes or even spaetzle are made in no time. Mashed potatoes can be made in a flash. Home-made salad dressings are produced with a perfect consistency. Simple, quick and easy.

The excellent workmanship using the best materials makes the original bamix® attachments indispensable helpers in every top kitchen. The bamix® whisk, the original, has been suitable for every bamix® hand blender since it was invented over 60 years ago in Switzerland.

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