bamix® Meat & Vegetable Blade

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Designed for those tougher tasks, the meat and vegetable blade cuts, minces, and purees both raw and cooked meat as well as fish and high fiber vegetables.

Now is a sharply cut

Together with the meat and vegetable knife, your bamix® kitchen appliance processes your fresh and healthy ingredients effortlessly and with perfect results every time - ideal for everyday use. It minces and purees both raw and cooked meat, liver for liver dumplings and liver spaetzle. Fish or chicken for farces are created in no time. Effortlessly achieve the desired consistency. Work like a gourmet chef. Raw vegetables such as cabbage, beets, celery, leeks, fennel, asparagus, etc. are no challenge for the ground accessory. Fibrous substances become smooth and creamy.

The excellent workmanship using the best materials make the original attachment parts from bamix® indispensable helpers in every top kitchen. The whisk from bamix®, the original, fits every bamix® stick blender, since its invention over 60 years ago in Switzerland.

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